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The Chelation Way: The Complete Book of Chelation Therapy


The Chelation Way: The Complete Book of Chelation Therapy
by Morton Walker

Walker's book provides a complete explanation of chelation therapy. The only use for this therapy which is generally accepted is to remove lead from the bloodstream in cases of lead toxicity, although new evidence suggests it may help to control and in some cases reverse the effects of arthritis, cancer, stroke, and more. Using lay language, Walker explains the various chelating agents and how they work, and presents case studies of patients who have been helped by the therapy. An appendix lists chelating physicians worldwide. This is an interesting treatment of the subject, much more comprehensive than any other book. Recommended for public libraries only where books on alternative medical therapies are popular.
-Barbara Kormelink, Bay Medical Ctr . Lib., Bay City, Mich.
Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Dr. Walker explains how chelation works, documents the evidence of its effects, and discusses its oral and intravenous use. Also, tells the reader about over-the-counter oral chelating agents--what they are, where to find them, and what dosage to take.


5 out of 5 stars Butcher or not to Butcher that is the question?, February 3, 2003

  Reviewer: Scott Knudsen (see more about me) from Air Ronge, Saskatchewan Canada

If your having heart problems would you like rather have those butchers rip your rib cage open, patch you up, and send you
on your way without curing the root of your problem, which is clogged up arteries, and knowing that your problem is
guaranteed to reoccur sometime down the road. Or would you rather go on an IV for a few hours, or try some of the other
Chelation techniques, and clean out those clogged arteries, and get on with life knowing that your problem will only reoccur
if you continue to live a unhealthy lifestyle? Buy the book, and learn how to take command of your well being the painless

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5 out of 5 stars A safe and inexpensive alternative to bypass, November 5, 2000

Top 500 Reviewer Reviewer: Bob Wallace (see more about me) from St. Louis, Mo USA

Bypass surgery is dangerous, expensive, and doesn't work very well. Chelation is safe, inexpensive and highly effective. Now what can possibly explain this? Hmm...maybe the difference between God and a doctor is that God doesn't think he's a doctor. Chelation, a technique that has been around for several decades, is done in a doctor's office: it cleans out arteries, and also pulls dangerous heavy metals from the body. It involves nothing more than putting an IV in the patient's arm for a couple of hours. If I was facing bypass surgery, I would certainly look into this.

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5 out of 5 stars a book that is relevant \important\scientific\and facinating, June 8, 2000

Top 1000 Reviewer Reviewer: eyal - newman (see more about me) from tel-aviv, israel

lead,aluminium,mercury, and other poisioning metals that are found in our enviroment are disease makers, and in this book the author who is a well known dr. and a orthomolecular- nutritionist is very expirienced with the method of chelation therapy that described in this book. how the toxic metals apear?\how they absorbed?and how the chelation method work is explained with details. the role of the nutrients in chelation is explained on everyone of them and how they can be used effectivly in order to prevent and reverse the devastating hardening of the arteries\altzheimer\parkinson\etc,,,but especialy on arteriosclerosis. the role of the diet is also very important and explained in details, and the methods of chelation whether oral or intravinously are explained.many clinical studies and case histories are shown in this wonderful book and as far as i concern as a orthomolecular-nutritionist who do use the oral chelation to my artheriosclerosis patients as well as for other metal poisioning diseases, i can tell that this is a very scientific work wich is highly recommanded




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