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The 401(k) MarketBuster: A Proven Way to Beat The Market With Your 401k Retirement Plan
by Eddie Kwong

Is Getting Better Returns In Your 401(K) Or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Worth Five Minutes A Day?

If your answer is yes, then you are ready for the 401(k) MarketBuster investment strategy. The 401(k) MarketBuster investment strategy is a research-proven method that you can use to greatly increase your retirement account returns, with only minutes of work and follow-through per year!

Q: How much better has the 401(k) MarketBuster performed vs. Buy-and-Hold investing?

A: Over 20 years, the 401(k) MarketBuster posted an average annual total return of 19.11% vs. 15.80% for traditional Buy-and-Hold investing, when measured with the growth of the Nasdaq Composite Index. Additionally, the 401(k) MarketBuster strategy easily beat Buy-and-Hold investing on a 3-, 5-, and 10-year basis.

Q: How many more times can you stomach seeing your retirement account statements lose money?

A: If you are like most people, you should be at the end of your rope. When "Buy-and-Hold" investing feels more like "Buy-and-Hope," then you know you have a problem. Fortunately, now you also have a solution. Most retirement accounts give you a choice in how you invest your money. The 401(k) MarketBuster shows you how you can do it to greatly enhance your investment returns.

Q: How can this strategy help you when the stock market is going down?

A: The 401(k) MarketBuster teaches you a tested, step-by-step, simple way to get the maximum possible gains on your hard-earned dollars, whether in good times or bad.

Q: How hard is it to use the 401(k) MarketBuster?

A: Not very hard at all. If you can: 1) read a newspaper, and 2) place a phone call to your 401(k) administrator, or access your retirement accounts online, you can use this strategy. The 401(k) MarketBuster investment strategy can walk you through these steps and explain to you quickly and simply how to find out when to move your money and where it should go, to maximize your investment returns.

Q: Who wrote the 401(k) MarketBuster?

A: The 401(k) MarketBuster was created by trading professionals from TradingMarkets.com, the world's largest site for traders, and boiled down to its essential elements by Eddie Kwong, the editor-in-chief of TradingMarkets.com, specifically for use by you, the everyday investor: soccer mom, teacher, policeman, clerk, delivery man, or doctor.

Q: What is the 401(k) MarketBuster really going to do for you if you correctly use this investing method?

A: The easy-to-use method contained in this book can help you become financially comfortable in your retirement years and could help you earn significantly more in additional returns over a 25-year period, compared to doing nothing but the traditional "Buy-and-Hold" investment strategy.

Don't waste another minute. Buy this book, take an hour or two to read through the very easy-to-read and easy-to-understand strategy and begin securing your financial future today!

About the Author
Eddie Kwong is Editor-in-Chief of TradingMarkets.com. He was a co-founder and Editor of Realtraders.com, an informational site for professional traders. Over the past 25 years of trading, Mr. Kwong's experience in the markets has also extended into software development and teaching. He is also the editor of The Holy Grail and The Answers and speaks at seminars nationwide. Eddie is a graduate of UCLA.














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